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There’s nothing quite like a good ol’ fashion payout to get a celebrity to attend your party. “Why are we here tonight? To celebrate the vitality of this great city and the artistry of this festival but mostly because of, yup, free watches. Yay! Free watches!” Joel McHale cracked from the dais, as he was hosting the fourth annual For the Love of Cinema gala, underwritten by luxury watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen.

Call it incentive but it was the promise of a blinged-out wrist that brought celebrities to the echoey Spring Studios including Katie Holmes, Jennifer Westfeldt, Kate Mara, Karolína Kurková, Dev Patel, Jason Biggs and, the patron saint of all things TriBeCa, Robert De Niro. De Niro took a fair ribbing from McHale. “In New York, Robert De Niro is a legendary titan of the cinematic arts. In L.A., he’s the guy you call when Kevin James says, ‘Eh, the script needs a little work.’” “It’s a good thing!” De Niro shouted back, wagging his finger. “That’s just our relationship, I tease him! I insult this national treasure — which reminds me, keep an eye out this summer for ‘National Treasure 3,’ starring Robert De Niro,” McHale said.