Josie Natori

FULL CIRCLE: Josie Natori feels right at home in Paris, where she opened her first boutique in 1986. Twenty-one years after its shuttering, she deemed the time ripe to host a cocktail party Sunday night, on the cusp of couture season, in the City of Light. It was to fete the European launch of her brand’s fall 2019 lingerie and loungewear collection.

“It was time to reintroduce here in Paris,” said Natori, speaking in her Right Bank apartment. “Thirty-three years later, and the brand has really developed to be much fuller and more diversified in terms of categories.”

Whereas she launched in Paris with just lingerie, her brand now encompasses a lifestyle offering.

At her fete, mannequins sported a few ornate hand-embroidered, beaded looks and other pieces from the fall line were on display. Milling about the warren of rooms were journalists and buyers, including Eden Gray, based in Cannes, France.

“She was my first client in 1984,” Natori said. “She’s going to be my first appointment tomorrow — isn’t that sweet?

“We have appointments from the best stores from every major country,” she said. Direct marketing also plays a key role in the brand’s development these days.

Natori plans to continue showing in Paris seasonally. “This is not a one shot,” she emphasized, referring to the gathering and explaining that’s part of the brand’s expansion strategy.

And there’s a second motive, too. “I want an excuse to come here more often,” she said with a laugh. “I adore Paris — it’s like my soul is here.”