Charlotte Stockdale, Karl Lagerfeld and Katie Lyall

PARIS — Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall chose a British brasserie in Paris to celebrate the arrival of Chaos, their smartphone accessories brand, across the channel in France to Galeries Lafayette.

The pair also bridged the generations, bringing guests from all ends of the career spectrum.

The younger folks gravitated to the bar — among them Dolores Doll, who sipped a mixed drink that she thought was a lemon basil martini. The French model is learning to act, with the help of a coach, after starring in a short film directed by Alice Taglioni gave her the film bug.

Doll said she prefers the filmmaking atmosphere to photo shoots. “There are more of us, we joke around more, and it’s more relaxed — it’s a real mix of different people,” she said.

Fashion show producer Etienne Russo reflected on the current mood in Paris. “It’s having a moment, yes, but it always has,” he said, noting that the city’s status as a fashion hub comes from its ability to draw a mix of nationalities.

“You have people from everywhere coming to Paris: China, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Belgium, France, England — they’re all here,” Russo said. He already has a black leather Chaos case for his phone, stamped with his initials, ER, like the Queen, but he’s ordered a new one.

Dolores Doll

Dolores Doll  Francois Goize/WWD

“I asked them to make a special one, I want to reverse the E,” he explained, so its back will rest against the R — a new logo of sorts.

Lyall kept her phone attached to her hand all evening, fixed with a wide elastic band. She flashed the case to interested guests as a plate of Scottish eggs was offered by a passing waiter.

“It’s called a hand hug, it hugs your hand so you don’t lose it,” she said cheerfully.

Alexandre de Betak was also in an upbeat mood.

“I have to say it’s been a very nice season, Paris lately has been very positive,” he said. The fashion show producer’s phone case carried a message: “Put your phone down to watch.”

Emelianova Zhanna, Etienne Russo, Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea and Alexandre de Betak

Emelianova Zhanna, Etienne Russo, Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea and Alexandre de Betak  Francois Goize/WWD

Karl Lagerfeld chatted with Stockdale and Lyall in a cozy corner over drinks, where the discussion centered on Lagerfeld’s beard — approval was unanimous. Stockdale’s two children clambered into various laps — their next event was already lined up: Disneyland the next day.

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