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It was another explosion of K’s on Thursday night at The Peninsula Beverly Hills’ rooftop pool deck, where Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner toasted the debut of their Kendall + Kylie exclusives for Neiman Marcus’ #OnlyatNM collection.

Neiman’s senior vice president and creative director Ken Downing noted of the nine pieces, which went online Thursday, “Our pre-ordering customers responded in a superpositive way. It’s great to see so much enthusiasm around the clothes and certainly because of the enthusiasm around Kendall and Kylie; they are really fashion [trendsetters] for a generation.” Downing added that the regular Kendall + Kylie collection, which Neiman’s has carried since last season, does well with “young girls and girls of all ages who relate to how they dress and style themselves. Certainly the immediate success of it tells me we will be doing more with Kendall + Kylie.”

Mom Kris Jenner told the VIP shoppers and influencers present at the 30-person cocktail party and dinner, “My daughters grew up at Neiman’s. When I moved to Los Angeles, as soon as I could get credit I got a Neiman’s card, and when I was pregnant I shopped there all the time because all I could buy was accessories. I almost went into labor at Neiman’s. They could have been born there.”

Joked Downing, “I could be part of the family because my name begins with a K. I’d have to probably dye my hair dark, but that’s nothing my hairdresser couldn’t fix.” Said Kendall, “You’re Uncle Ken.”

Earlier, as they were seated side by side on a bed in one of The Peninsula’s suites, the sisters shared with WWD the perks of getting to create the collection, who got dibs on what, and how they get dressed in the morning.

WWD: Is it fun getting to see the clothes finally in-store?
It’s really surreal. When we did our first line with PacSun we didn’t know where it would take us. And it’s all still going. I haven’t seen the line hanging in Neiman’s yet but I’m looking forward to that. That and seeing people wear it is really cool.

WWD: Have your followers and customers shared any feedback with you yet?
Not really. Just our friends and family, and my friends die for it.

WWD: Tell us about the nine pieces you created for the #OnlyatNM collection.
We specifically wanted to make things different and exclusive so it would draw people to a certain store but we kind of love a good piece. I mean, everything we are wearing right now is from the exclusives.
Kylie: We have this amazing white leather jacket that I’m obsessed with and I feel like the pieces just are really fun but still sophisticated and mature and just reflect us.

WWD: The red t-shirt looks great on Kylie.
We love red. It’s such a good color and it looks good on almost everyone so I think a pop of a certain color is important and red is just a good one.

WWD: Is it harder or easier to design with your sister?
It’s actually not harder. It’s way more fun, I would say, and it’s great to have two different strong opinions within the line. Some people love Kendall’s style and don’t really like my style or vice versa, so it’s great to have different pieces that maybe Kendall spent more time on, or I did. We love to mix and match. I’ll wear anything in the collection.

WWD: Have you already planned out where you’ll wear some of the other pieces, like to Coachella?
Coachella would be fun. I don’t really think that far ahead. But I would love to.
Kendall: We make the clothes because we want to wear them, so we’ll figure it out.

WWD: How far in advance do you plan your outfits?
I go day by day. If I plan too far out I get stressed out.
Kylie: I always think like that. My mood always changes last-minute; I always think I’m going to wear something and I’ll change my mind.

WWD: What about tonight?
I changed my mind a lot on the shoes but I’m pretty certain about the clothes.
Kendall: No, I didn’t. I actually went straight for this [black-and-white top and black wrap skirt] and loved it. She [Kylie] took that outfit. I was going to wear something like that, but she got to it before me.