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“I’ve always said, ‘Match your drink to your dress, match your dress to your table,’” said Lela Rose, who toasted her new Rizzoli tome, “Pret-a-Party: Great Ideas for Good Times and Creative Entertaining” with a dinner party Wednesday night at Eric Buterbaugh Florals in Los Angeles. “It’s all about the details,” said the designer, who noted that fabric from her spring collection served as the dinner party’s tablecloth. As if on cue, “Mr. Robot” breakout star Portia Doubleday arrived wearing a two-piece set that matched the decor.

Buterbaugh and Rose went all-out with bright peonies and brussels sprouts artfully displayed as centerpieces. “I have always loved entertaining and I really think our collection is a lifestyle brand,” she said. “Our customer is a woman who has a social calendar filled with events and our clothes are going places. The book is an extension of that.” Waiters wore handmade ties that read, “The Rose Bar,” while holding custom cocktails that paid homage to Rose’s new line of purses (also displayed on each tray). “They’re cocktail clutches, so they’re named after cocktails,” she explained, while sipping a paloma and holding the brand’s “julep” bag.

The night’s attention to detail wasn’t lost on Lorenza Izzo. “I’m having such table envy. I love entertaining and throwing dinner parties,” said the Chilean actress, who is married to director Eli Roth. Conversely, Ahna O’Reilly admitted, “I am not a natural hostess, but I love attending. I’m a great guest.” Gillian Jacobs added, “I aspire to it. It’s definitely a goal for adulthood for myself. I’m slowly building my Heath ceramics collection, so I have nice dishes, but then it’ll be like I have one random serving platter that doesn’t go with anything else and looks terrible.”

Jacobs and O’Reilly made it a girls’ night out. “We rode over together,” said Jacobs, who recently wrapped production on Judd Apatow’s Netflix show “Love,” premiering next year. “For the first time in a long time, I don’t have a job. It’s great. Normally, I’d still be on set.” Meanwhile, O’Reilly said she was flying to Savannah the following day, to meet up with her former “The Help” castmates Octavia Spencer, Emma Stone and Chris Lowell. “Octavia is doing a movie there and it’s Emma’s birthday, so we’re like, ‘We should all plan a trip.’ It’ll be fun.”

Katharine McPhee, Brittany Snow and stylist Caley Rinker also sat down for a dinner of roasted chicken, grilled hanger steak and vanilla bean profiteroles, but Mandy Moore slipped out just after cocktail hour. “This is a big night out for me,” she said. “I’m, like, a hermit. I’m slightly geriatric. I just want to be home and I want to watch my shows and be in my sweatpants.” Still, she said this was one occasion she couldn’t miss. “I’ve been to a couple of dinner parties and cocktail parties at Lela’s house. She really is the hostess with the mostest. It extends far beyond the line. She breathes and lives and eats and sleeps that world. Me? I’m a natural guest. I can absolutely show up and I love to clean dishes.”

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