Liv Tyler and Fabrizio Moretti

“They call me the ambassador…what is my title? The ‘what’ ambassador?” Liv Tyler asked a Belstaff representative on Wednesday evening from the back of the brand’s SoHo pop-up. “I need a résumé, I don’t know what it is.” For the record, her role with the brand is, officially, Belstaff ambassador and creative contributor. “It’s more than just a normal ambassador,” the brand rep assured her.

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Unconcerned, Tyler continued, “I executive-produced the film they did with David Beckham and I didn’t realize that they were looking to focus a little more on the female side of the business.” Asked to appear in a video, “I was like, ‘OK, but only if I can do a capsule collection.’”

Suffice it to say, the actress is feeling sympathetic to the designers about showing their full collections this week in New York. “It’s so much pressure. I don’t think people realize how crazy it is,” she said of designing. “Especially if it’s a big collection, if you’re a real artist like Lee McQueen was, it’s suddenly like all your creative artistry has a deadline and you have to deal with all these expectations, and you have to focus on the financial aspect of it and there are so many things to it that are very tricky.”

Tyler also mused on the woman she plays in the short film, Amelia Earhart. “She wore a lot of Belstaff and was a part of the brand. She was such a modern woman,” she said. “It was so interesting for me, as a woman now in 2016, to be playing her — I can’t imagine going by myself in an airplane, that’s terrifying.”

Later in the evening, across the Bowery, Tyler joined her father and guests Helena Christensen, Anja Rubik, Sofia Sanchez de Betak and Dustin Yellin for a small dinner at fashion favorite The Fat Radish.  

“Are we early?” Steven Tyler asked upon his arrival, five minutes ahead of the 8 p.m. start time. A punctual rock star if there ever was one.

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