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The Los Angeles County Museum of Art celebrated its latest Wear LACMA initiative on Tuesday night, when designers Greg Chait and Jennifer Meyer unveiled pieces inspired by the museum’s permanent collection. For sale in the gift shop and on Net-a-porter, the limited-edition scarves, blankets, T-shirts and sweaters by Chait and necklaces by Meyer were already dwindling in supply less than an hour into the party.

“I had gone to see the James Turrell show before I toured the rest of the museum and I think the “Perceptual Cell” put me in a different headspace,” said Chait, referring to the artist’s individual light show chamber. “I was inspired by textiles and paintings that had a feather theme.”

Katherine Ross, the initiative’s creator, paired her Native American-print T-shirt with a Southwest-inspired skirt by Louis Vuitton. “It’s funny how that just worked out,” she said.

Although Ross had instructed the designers to look to works by nonliving artists for inspiration, Meyer had other ideas. “I have been an Ed Ruscha fan for so long that I just had to use one of his paintings, but Katherine said I’d have to contact him myself for permission,” she said. “So I sent him an e-mail and he said yes. Just getting an e-mail from Ed Ruscha is a pretty cool experience in itself.”

Although a smaller group later adjourned for dinner at Ray’s restaurant, cohost and LACMA trustee Willow Bay had to duck out early for a mandatory parent meeting at her son’s school. “Actually Bob [Iger, her husband and chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Co.] was supposed to go to the meeting, but he had the ‘Frozen’ premiere tonight so ‘Frozen’ trumped LACMA,” she said.

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