Adwoa Aboah (R)LOVE Magazine 10th Birthday Party at Loulou's, London Fashion Week, UK - 17 Sep 2018

ACTION: Love Magazine took over Loulou’s, the nightclub underneath private members club 5 Hertford Street, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the theme of which came as a surprise to editor in chief Katie Grand.

“I have to admit, I was very tired and I read the e-mail incorrectly and I thought it was a Hollywood theme, she told WWD.  “I thought, ‘Oh, my God, amazing! We should do a costume theme for the first time ever.’ Then I arrived tonight — and it was Bollywood — and realized my mistake. But I was always going to wear some sort of black dress.”

The exotic theme, titled “Happily Devi After” was cooked up by Immersive Cult, a London-based production company founded by Garrett Moore and Francesco Pastori (of Secret Cinema renown), who designed the Tokyo Dreams party that Miu Miu and Love Magazine threw in September 2015 during London Fashion Week.

For this extravaganza, supported by Chanel, they transformed the nightclub into a Bollywood film studio, working with choreographers, scenic teams, actors and dancers from Bollywood on the live performances staged throughout the night. One scene, involving an exquisitely made-up girl in lavish sari silks, was set on an opulently draped four-poster bed that later became a magnet for selfie-takers.

Marigold strands were festooned from every conceivable corner, doorway and bar top, while ceilings were tented like exotic pavilions with fabric block printed in Jaipur, and the giraffe that usually stands sentry at the base of the staircase had been given a makeover, complete with flower garlands and elaborate safa hat.

Before the party, guests including Abbey Clancey, Adwoa Aboah, Edie Campbell and Lily Allen sat down to a dinner provided by Michelin-starred Indian restaurant Gymkhana, which included biryanis and goat pav bhaji, followed by saffron ice cream cones with pistachio crumbs and strawberries, and a raspberry, rose and lychee falooda.

“We’ve all got an inner Bollywood star, right?” said creative event designer Fiona Leahy, who counts Louis Vuitton and Aerin Lauder in her stable of clients. “We all want to wear too much glitter, huge earrings and a bindi. Or maybe I’m just high on curry.”

“I have been thinking a lot about India, actually,” Charles Jeffrey told WWD. “I did an interview and shoot with Andrew Logan, the artist and jewelry designer, for the cover of Buffalo Zine and we got into a discussion about India and color. He goes [to India] every single year and gets all his clothes made there; Comme des Garçons did a collection based on his wardrobe, actually. And he was telling me how, in India, the way that they treat the dyeing process and color is so human. He said I just have to go and see it. There’s a certain kind of neon that you can only get there. I’d love to go just to see the colors.”

Dree Hemingway was sporting a certain type of neon herself, on her head. The actress recently shaved her head into a full buzz cut for a role in indie film “Run with the Hunted,” and, in a fortuitous alignment with the night’s theme, had sprayed it bright pink.

“I play a character called Peaches, and when I first read the script I thought she was really evil but then I delved into why somebody makes the choices that they do. She was abandoned by her family and everybody she cared for. The last day of the shoot, I felt really emotional to leave this person who had so much heartbreak in her life,” said Hemingway, who had nothing but praise for her costar Michael Pitt. ” He has a gift. He is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever worked with, in terms of how he dissects a character and works with devotion to what he’s doing. I have done acting school but the most I have ever learned has been in the moment on set and from people like him who come from different backgrounds and have experienced different directors.”

As guests includingRose McGowan, Nicholas Kirkwood, Jack Whitehall and Ellie Bamber, Brooklyn Beckham, Christopher Kane, Jonathan Saunders (who has resumed his first love of furniture and taken up the lathe again since leaving DVF), Dave Gardner and Liv Tyler, David Furnish, David Sims and Luella Bartley, Paloma Faith and Michael Halpern celebrated in pavilioned nooks or on the dance floor surrounded by flashing neon Ganeshas, Grand recalled her highlight of the last 10 years.

“The biggest highlight of the last 10 years would probably still have to be Issue One,” she said. “The time that Beth Ditto, with electric-orange, carrot hair came down the corridor at the Chateau Marmont and I looked at her and I thought, ‘You are the cover of my first Condé Nast magazine,’ and I knew it was right and I knew it was timely and I knew it was a time for magazines to change.”

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