On Wednesday night at the Jane Hotel, photographer Charlotte Kidd was explaining her latest work, a short film for the Los Angeles fashion brand Aiko’s fall collection. It happened to be projected on loop right behind her.

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“I wanted something that was less narrative,” she said of the noirish clip. “It’s basically about this girl going through this landscape.…She starts sitting in this bar and the man she’s in love with left her. She’s sitting in the same seat waiting for him to come back, and he doesn’t come back and she’s frustrated. She’s like ‘well I know how to make myself happy. I don’t need this guy.’”

Indeed, she did not. In the clip, Lydia Hearst, who plays the spurned woman, simulates that most private of acts. (Though this being a sort of moving look book, she remained fully clothed.) Hearst arrived to the party straight from Los Angeles and was due to leave again at 7 a.m. A redhead in the film, she had dyed her hair back to blonde. She seemed plenty comfortable having their work broadcast for the party, which also counted Aiko designer Cynthia Mittweg and Lily Kwong as attendees.

“Well I didn’t know about those moments until we started filming,” Hearst laughed.

“[Charlotte] is one of my best friends,” the heiress-turned-model-turned-actress went on. “So when she asked me to do it, I just said of course, I love her, I trust her. And then when we get to the seedy motel and she was like, ‘Ummm, so, do you mind…?’ Only for Charlotte. I was not expecting it, but I think I managed to pull it off.”

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