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A film’s star is always the most anticipated arrival at any cast party, but when Blythe Danner walked up the stairs at 501 on Main on Sunday night, guests erupted in cheers, with co-star Martin Starr jumping to his feet and rushing over to hug her. Amidst thousands of canceled flights due to winter storm Juno — which brought to mind one of Sundance Film Festival’s sleeper hits — Danner managed to catch the last flight out of New York before all planes were grounded.

“You called it,” Danner told “I’ll See You in my Dreams” writer-director, Brett Haley, who had encouraged her to change her ticket so she wouldn’t miss the premiere at the Eccles Center the following night.

“She lives up to everything you ever want and imagine,” said Malin Akerman of her co-star. “She’s a legend for a reason. She’s an incredible actres. The actress was inspired by her own mother to do the film, in which Danner plays a widow who starts dating two men. “My mother and I have had a lot of talks about being a woman and getting older,” she said. “I think it’s a big thing dating at a certain age, and my mom is single as well.”

Guests ended up lingering at the cozy dinner, and left with party favors from Spanish jewelry company, UNOde50, which sponsored the event.

Up the street, “Stanford Prison Experiment” star, Billy Crudup, nursed a beer at the Grey Goose Blue Door Lounge. Crudup — who plays psychologist Philip Zimbardo, the leader of the 1971 experiment that assigned college students as either prisoners or guards – said, “I’m invested and interested in how people manage very complicated, difficult situations, and this experiment was no different. [Director] Kyle Patrick Alvarez did such a superb job. I marveled at the work that he did.”

As far as taking any psychological tests to prepare for the role, he explained, “That’s what actors do — they put themselves through psychological tests all the time. You spend so much time as an actor learning about yourself because ultimately you’re your own tool,” he said before cracking a smile, “By the way, saying I’m a tool is a really good quote.”

The actor, who has straddled the line between movie star and indie actor for years, noted, “It’s better being underrated than overrated I suppose.” He continued, “I had such a phenomenal chance doing this movie that I don’t know what else I could have in my career. I’m so grateful.”

Up in Deer Valley, it was more agents than actors at ICM’s late-night bash at the St. Regis hotel, where Robert Redford and Michael Fassbender were the big expected guests, though they were no-shows. Several other actors made it up the funicular from Main Street to the hotel’s lobby to schmooze with their reps, including Kier Gilchist, Chris Carver, Missi Pyle, and RJ Mitte. “I’m not even in a movie this year,” said Pyle, “I’m just an interloper, going around with friends. To make it worse, I’ve been wearing this outfit to Sundance for the last five years,” she laughed of her sweater, jeans and boots.

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