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Hollywood moms took a much needed breather on Monday night. It was the New York premiere of “Bad Moms,” and the Cinema-Society hosted screening had all the mom party fixings: white wine, cheese and laughs.

“You know, Pinterest created an unrealistic expectation of what motherhood’s supposed to look like. It never looks that pretty,” Kathryn Hahn said, graciously accepting a glass of chardonnay from a server roaming the red carpet.

Trailing behind her was Mila Kunis, who plays the film’s leading lady Amy Mitchell, an overworked mother on a mission to change the rules. Kunis made her way into the theater in baby pink pumps and hair pinned into a faux bob, looking PTA meeting-ready — all the more so with the beginnings of a baby bump peaking out under her romper.

“The one thing that I think any woman can relate to whether a mother or not is the self-imposed pressure that we put on ourselves to be so-called perfect. However that is, whether it’s in your job or your personal life,” Kunis said.

The night progressed with a short introduction by hostess Martha Stewart (what mom doesn’t love Martha?), who has a laugh-worthy cameo in the film. Other attendees like KK Glick and Alice Callahan from the Bravo’s “Odd Mom Out” enjoyed bits of charcuterie as the film rolled.

Stacey Bendet, all sequins and eye shadow, fluttered around the after party, held at Metrograph. “My biggest advice to moms is to always give yourself time to get dressed in the morning because I really feel like when you feel good, you’re a better mom. To be a good mom you have to feel really good about yourself,” she said.

The room thinned out by 10:30 p.m. as the crowd guzzled their last sips of white wine. After all, these are working mothers with a curfew.