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ROMANTIC FORAGERS: Dusk was falling when president Michael Kliger stood up to welcome his dinner guests in a cloistered courtyard of the Lycée Henri-IV, a Paris, left-bank landmark. He was hosting a dinner along with Moncler and Simone Rocha to celebrate the latest installment of the brand’s collaboration with the designer, carried exclusively on

A clutch of fashion editors, influencers and executives sat at a long table that shot straight through the courtyard, with peonies and piles of baby’s-breath adding romance, while bats darted in the open air above.

Rocha had thought of girl scouts in the wild for her romantic collection.

“The feminine narrative is of the outdoors, it’s talking about girl scouts and how they used to forage and protect themselves against the elements and almost inner tents and making that into garments, voluminous garments like structures,” she said.

At Camille Bidault Waddington’s side of the table, conversation centered on how intellectual hip-hop music has become these days, but then got derailed by talk of French girl style. Enough of the jeans, striped shirts and basket handbags was the consensus — Bidault Waddington, in a voluminous bustier dress from Rocha’s collection, her hair neatly tucked back was having no part of that cliché.

Rocha-designed headbands punctuated the two long rows of guests; Sarah Andelman wore one, noting she got it in New York on a March trip for Marc Jacob’s wedding.

Laila Gohar had flown in from New York to take charge of the food art, setting up a spread of treats that included piles of red currants and wild strawberries — she had discovered a farm just outside of Paris.

“The inspiration was foraging — a bit of girl scouts, but more retro, so we followed the same team and found really beautiful things in the nature,” she said. It helps that it’s summer, she added, noting the abundance of berries and wild fruit. The marzipan chocolate potatoes were tongue in cheek, she confided: “because Simona’s Irish.” Guests were handed paper bags as they left, and encouraged to do a little foraging before heading home.