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We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, according to various scientific reports, so you might as well like the place where you snooze. That’s the theory behind Nell Diamond’s new business venture, Hill House Home, a high-end bedding and lifestyle company that celebrated its launch Tuesday night with a dinner at the Standard, High Line hotel.

“I feel really strongly that the bed is the jewel of the home — it’s the place where everything [starts] from, and if you wake up and go to sleep in a space that you love, you’ll live a really productive life,” says the daughter of former Barclays boss Bob Diamond. The 27-year-old is admittedly bedding-obsessed, and when she graduated from Princeton in 2011, there was nothing that fit her aesthetic or price point. Determined to find a solution, she attended business school at Yale, “figuring out the supply chain and how I can make this work,” she recalls. Diamond hooked up with the Parisian factory that used to produce for Porthault — an old-school brand catering to the 60-plus crowd. Diamond wanted high-quality but design that appealed to her 20-something friends. “I took my mom’s vintage linens, that she’s had for decades, to my factory in France, and figured out ways that I could engineer them and to make them slightly more modern design-wise. So [we created something] maybe not as grandmotherly or girly and a little bit more cool and edgy, and then also more practical with little things like an envelope closure on pillows,” she says.

Sets start at $250, with the option to add monogramming. Diamond’s Web site, which launched yesterday, also features a blog with interviews on the sleeping habits of some of her friends — Daphne Oz, Mia Moretti and, of course, bestie Prabal Gurung among them. “Prabal listens to David Attenborough while he falls asleep,” says Diamond. “It’s so funny, but I tried it, and it really works.”

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