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Girl power was on the brain on Tuesday night.

“Women have value and we know our worth as women,” Uzo Aduba said, working the press line at the Landmark Sunshine Theater in New York. “I was excited when I read [the script] because I was really turned on by the notion of women being in possession of their own stories.”

The stories she’s referring to include interwoven tales of three women coming to terms with motherhood and all the societal pressure that comes with it in Netflix’s “Tallulah.” The female-led cast of Ellen Page, Allison Janney, Tammy Blanchard and Uzo Aduba were all in tow at its New York premiere, hosted by the Cinema Society, and ready to discuss womanhood.

“The cinematographer was a woman, the director was a woman, so you would think it would become this whole hormonal rage situation or something,” Blanchard said. “But it was actually the most pleasant experience I’ve been in.”

Janney beamed on the red carpet as she discussed her lead role, but not before embracing Page with a warm hug. “I loved that this was a movie about three very different, powerful women,” she told WWD.

After the screening, the stars cabbed it to SoHo to celebrate on the rooftop of Jimmy at the James Hotel alongside Pat Cleveland, Danielle Brooks and more.