Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo is sitting on the edge of a bathtub in a suite at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs, Calif., catching her breath. She needed a quiet minute away from the glam squad just outside the bathroom door, set aside for speakers at the Create & Cultivate conference at the hotel. 

Culpo joined a group of bloggers for Create & Cultivate’s one-day event, done in partnership with Mini Cooper, which paired panels with pop-ups and activations from companies such as BCBGeneration and R+Co. 

“There’s so many women in this conference that I look up to,” Culpo told WWD. “Some of them are my very good friends, but we all have one thing in common: We’re all very ambitious and I think that we are paving the way in the digital age and kind of breaking barriers and moving forward in our own careers in a way that is different. So I feel personally very inspired by the other girls that are on this panel.”

She’s making the rounds at the events taking place throughout the Coachella Valley in conjunction with the actual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. As of Saturday, it had already been a whirlwind of events — and outfits — for Culpo, from multiple ones for Revolve, in addition to The Zoe Report.

“I think festival style is all about having fun,” Culpo said. “You can dress up in whatever way you want. There are no rules. It’s almost like Halloween. So my Coachella fashion advice is when you think you’ve worn too many accessories, add one more because you can kind of just go all out and don’t hold back. The coolest thing I see at Coachella are people expressing themselves and proud of it. They’re not embarrassed. They’re not ashamed. They just are having a great time using their body and their dress as a palette.” 

The multi-hyphenate is out for the entire length of the weekend, coming off the high of her sold out collaboration with Marled by Reunited  before next week heading to the premiere of “I Feel Pretty,” which she appears in. She also stars in the upcoming Bruce Willis action movie “Reprisal.” 

“It was a really interesting transition even for me,” Culpo said during the Create & Cultivate panel of her various career moves. “I didn’t know what I was doing and that authenticity and that organic nature was really what made me, I think, stick out….It was just very new and fresh for me and I think people appreciated that.” 

The blogger said designing is something that continues to interest her. She also has now embarked into the food industry, with the restaurant  Back 40, which was launched with her father and cousin in Rhode Island. 

“It’s American coastal comfort food so not really healthy,” she said, before urging people to follow the restaurant’s Instagram. “I’m trying to get them to 10,000. I have a bet with my cousin.”