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“You’re at the fun table,” said a friendly stranger. Two seats over from him sat model Grace Hartzel — “Gracie,” as he called her — chewing and chatting with what looked like blue Saran Wrap tied in a bow around her neck. At a different table in an adjacent room sat Olivier Zahm, founder of Purple Magazine, taking a picture of his date, who was parting her red blazer to hold up a “Reserved” sign in between her breasts. Narcissa had at least two fun tables that night.

“Sex and fashion has always been related to me,” said Zahm, referring to the theme of the latest issue of Purple, the cause for last night’s celebration. He would occasionally be interrupted by friends and his new photographer, who he joked was “a disaster” after concluding that she was inebriated. “The digital revolution built such a possibility for pictures ‘cause everyone is a photographer, everyone has a camera, everyone is taking photos. And that relates to fashion and to [the] sexual life of everyone.”

Zahm has been laying low this fashion week, attending “two or three shows,” including Proenza Schouler and Calvin Klein, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

“I think it’s good Calvin Klein becomes modern again,” he said. “In Paris, we love Calvin Klein…Calvin Klein, Paris, there’s like a connection. It’s a good connection…New York is the door to America.”

As dinner was served, Kim Gordon, Chloë Sevigny, Terry Richardson and a smattering of models helped themselves to beet salad, chicken, bass and octopus, though the last of these was somewhat controversial.

“I’ve always wanted a pet octopus,” said a friend of Hartzel’s, explaining why she didn’t want to eat the appetizer. And with that, the fun table’s buzzkill was revealed.

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