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“If there was a fashion section at Coachella that looked like this, I’d definitely go. But you know me, I’ll be in bed by 11 p.m.,” said Rachel Zoe on Friday evening. The designer was holding court in a cream Moroccan-style tent replete with bronze drum stools, white linen pillows and gold filigreed glasses. Her fourth annual The Zoe Report Zoeasis at the swanky Parker Palm Springs resort was a girlie beauty fest that drew Paris Hilton, Victoria Justice, Sarah and Erin Foster, Olivia Culpo and Amelia Gray Hamlin. True to her stylist roots, Zoe asked all her guests to wear white pieces from her namesake collection, and they obliged.

It was on theme for Hilton anyway, who has been sporting all sorts of white looks since her engagement to Chris Zylka last year. “I die,” pronounced Zoe when she saw Hilton in a white lace sheath dress and matching sunglasses. “It’s so beautiful here, I could stay all night,” said Hilton. The Foster sisters were planning on doing just that. “We don’t go to Coachella,” they said in unison.

Most guest seemed happy to sip pastel Belvedere cocktails, get free manicures and glitter touch-ups in an adjacent marble pavilion, and take pictures of Hilton (or pictures of themselves with Hilton in the background).

Lisa Rinna, dressed in a sharp sequined white suit, didn’t look as though she was festival-bound, either. “My girls are going. I’m just here if they need me. But Delilah is already out. I don’t even know if I’ll see her today. I only have one daughter with me,” she said, pointing to Amelia.

Justice was planning on hitting some shows later on, after changing out of her wide-legged trousers, one-sleeved blouse and heels. “I just check Instagram Stories to know what time people are playing,” she said, when asked what time The Weeknd was coming on. “Here, take a picture of my phone with your phone,” her handler offered, pulling up a screen shot of the schedule.

Meanwhile, veteran event planner Jeffrey Best, who created the scene for Zoe, was also working on Saturday’s Neon Carnival. “I wouldn’t be caught dead at the actual event,” he said. “I’m too old for that. It’s for the kids. I have a 15-year-old daughter and I’m more worried about her getting out at these things.”

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