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For the second year in a row, H&M celebrated its Conscious Exclusive collection with a party in Los Angeles, attended by campaign star Christy Turlington Burns, Paris Jackson, Amanda Seyfried, Naomie Harris and Kate Bosworth, among others.

While the name of the collection might seem ironic at this moment, Ann-Sofie Johansson, creative adviser at H&M, was quick to take responsibility for the negative reactions surrounding its recent hoodie ads.

“It was an eye-opener, that’s brought a lot of changes and learnings, sometimes the hard way. We are an action-oriented company, and that really felt like, ‘My God, what happened? What went wrong? How could it happen? What do we do to prevent it from happening again?’ It’s been tough times, but we are working on becoming a better company. We are diverse and equal so we have to show and live our values.”

Among the company’s other pillars is sustainability, and Johansson said H&M has set a goal to use all sustainable or recycled materials by 2030. The recurring Conscious Exclusive collection, the latest of which was inspired by 19th and early 20th-century Swedish artists Karin and Carl Larsson, is meant to showcase the technical advances in sustainable materials through higher-end, special pieces, which will be available April 19.

Showcasing party dresses on pretty actresses is always a good way to whet the public’s appetite for a new collection, and the event took place at the equally photogenic Garcia House, designed by architect John Lautner. Its current owners John W. McIlwee and Bill Damaschke also mingled around, chatting up guests.

“The projection was my idea,” said McIlwee, an entertainment business manager whose clients Rainey Qualley of Rainsford and “The Walking Dead” actress Christian Serratos were among those at the party. He was referring to one of the collection’s floral prints that was enlarged and projected onto the house’s sculptural roof overhang.

Given the tricky context, most of the guests elected to stay mum for reporters that evening, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying the scenery catching up with one another.

Turlington Burns offered, “I really like that [H&M] have created such beautiful sustainable fashion while raising awareness of what we can all do to better protect the planet.”