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A string of stylish events played out in central Paris Thursday night, starting with a Giorgio Armani bag launch at L’Eclaireur.

“My great-grandmother always said it’s really hard to find the right kind of red,” mused Caroline Vreeland as she eyed a fiery version of the top-handle bag known as Le Sac 11. “She furnished her apartment, ‘her garden in hell’ with wallpaper like that kind of red. Now that’s a great red.”

“Constructivist” was Aymeline Valade’s verdict on the style as the model revealed she just wrapped a guest role in Louis Garrel’s first directorial effort, “Les Deux Amis.”

Other guests included actress Sonia Rolland, photographer Sonia Sieff and Laetitia Hallyday, wife of Johnny Hallyday, who said she’s working on a capsule T-shirt collection for release this summer ahead of the French rock star’s marathon two-year tour.

Over at Prada’s boutique on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, guests including Solange Knowles, Fanny Ardant, Catherine Deneuve, Yazbukey and Emily Marant were wowed by costume designer Milena Canonero’s Kubrik-esque transformation of the store. Water, fire, air and earth were represented in surrealistic optical illusions — with lifelike mannequins striking dramatic poses.

“The fifth element is us — humanity,” Canonero explained as guests snapped the most atypical selfies. “[Miuccia Prada] told me to do what I want, she always says that.”

Canonero just nabbed her fourth Oscar, for “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” “I love the design of the statuette; they make great, heavy bookends,” she noted.

Later, girl-of-the-moment Vreeland performed her single, “Slay,” at a private event hosted by Barbara Bui at Black Calavados. Guests who settled in for dinner included Canadian singer Béatrice Martin, aka Cœur de Pirate, Kelly Rowland and Louise Monot.
Vreeland mused on lessons learned from the late editor Diana Vreeland.

“Especially in the fashion world, people ask what I’ve inherited from her and I say the real thing I inherited from her is not to be afraid,” she said. “Instead of having nerves before I go on stage I experience a kind of restlessness. I don’t like to wait, I like to have my hot toddy, my little shot of Scotch, and then I like to go on and sing.”

She also inherited her taste for serpent jewelry.

“I’m obsessed with snakes. She also said every woman should wear serpents, which I love. That’s my favorite piece — and also her ivory cuffs, which I inherited as I have the smallest wrists,” Vreeland enthused.

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