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“I have to tell you that I’m wearing hot pink underwear,” said Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn on Saturday evening from center stage in Water Mill at the Paddle for Pink party. Along with the likes of Nicole Miller, Donald Robertson and Lisa Perry, the artist had created a custom surfboard for auction at the fifth annual breast cancer fund-raiser, an evening heavy on the pink decor and attire (hence Pevaroff-Cohn’s attention-grabbing admission).

The evening was, thankfully, held beneath a tent — just as things were getting underway, a summer storm swept over the horizon. “Grab the umbrellas,” a publicist pleaded into her walkie as a rather ominous blanket of dark clouds rolled overhead. Soon the outdoor staff was wrestling into plastic ponchos as guests darted from black cars into golf carts, men attempting to keep their blush-toned linen shirts dry and women holding clutches over their blowouts.

“Friendship is powerful and sisterhood is magical, in my opinion,” said Tracy Anderson over the noise of the rain shower drumming on the tent. “It is the friendship of Myra [Biblowit, president of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation] and Evelyn Lauder, and the sisterhood of Myra and her sister-in-law Sheila that fueled her to want to find a cure for breast cancer. While I’ve never suffered from breast cancer, and no one in my family has, I think that one of the most powerful and meaningful things that we can all do for each other is want each other to be 100 percent ourselves, happy, healthy, whole.”

“I’m always moved and amazed by the power of women coming together and deciding that they have a mission,” said Gwyneth Paltrow, “and what intelligent, powerful women are able to do when they make that decision. Breast cancer is something that affects us, our mothers, our sisters, our aunts, our friends, and we have had too many women this year be diagnosed. So I wanted to come for all of the women who I don’t know, who are surviving and battling this disease, and my hope is that with events like this and people making a commitment to support the research of BCRF, that by the time that it comes for our daughters to be affected, it will be no more.”

Sipping cosmos, guest browsed auction items such as a private coaching session with Larry Brown, a set visit to “Good Morning America,” and a three-day surf adventure with Laird Hamilton. Paltrow surprised the crowd by auctioning off her own personal tickets to a private Coldplay concert in Amagansett (although she presumably can simply ask her “consciously uncoupled” ex-husband Chris Martin for more).

The weather proved to be an aiding tactic in fund-raising efforts. As Pevaroff-Cohn told the crowd, “Now that it’s raining, none of you are leaving.”