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On the theatrical poster for his new film “Our Idiot Brother,” a very hirsute and Crocs-sporting Paul Rudd lies in a field, chin in palms, looking absurdly content.

“You look at that and you just think, ‘Man! You got those crops and a field of flowers,’ it almost forces you there,” Rudd explained of the happy glaze at a Cinema Society- and Altoids-sponsored screening of the film in New York Monday night. “[You’re] projected into a world of happiness and 20-minute-long Phish songs.”

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Rudd joined a few other members of the cast, including Hugh Dancy and Steve Coogan, for the screening at 1 MiMA Tower, a newish luxury building on the far west side of 42nd Street. Kirsten Dunst, Alicia Silverstone, Georgina Chapman, Nicole Miller and Cynthia Rowley also turned out for the viewing, staged on an outdoor patio where the film was projected onto the side of the building.

The setup, it’s worth noting, treated moviegoers to something of a double feature. Several windows of the apartments above the screen played host to suspiciously well-toned silhouettes in various states of undress during the screening. On Tuesday morning, a representative for MiMA-owner The Related Cos. said it wasn’t aware of the sideshow.

As for the main attraction, “Our Idiot Brother” follows an affable stoner, played by Rudd, who spends time couch surfing between three sisters of varying goodwill. Asked whether he was more likely to crash or host in the real world, Rudd launched into a pair of horror stories. The first involved a friend who may or may not have urinated on his sofa. The second involved a sleepwalking pal who definitely urinated in his closet. The common quirk was not lost on Rudd.

“I’ve got all these peeing stories,” the actor said with a wide smile. “He was still so half asleep that he walked out of my room and then went into the bathroom and took my contact lenses out of the case and threw them in the toilet and flushed them. And I don’t have disposable contacts. I don’t know what the hell that was about. That was a nightmare. I totally hadn’t thought about that until you asked me that question. Those were $500 contact lenses. They were custom-made because I have astigmatism. They weren’t disposable. That motherf—-r owes me $500!”

Continuing the role-reversal trend, Coogan, who in the film plays one half of a put-upon couple, diagnosed his actual self as a surfer.

“I crash on the couch,” the actor said. “I normally fall asleep on the sofa in my house in front of the TV, so….”

It sounded as if he was surfing his own couch.

“Yeah,” he said confidently. “Which is like one step up, right? I’m a successful stoner.”

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