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Close friends of Peter Marino — Serena Boardman, Beth Rudin DeWoody, et al. — gathered on the rotunda of Morgan Library on Tuesday night to celebrate the release of his latest photo-heavy tome “Peter Marino: Art and Architecture.”

Rather than focus on his architectural work, the book is a compendium of Marino’s extensive art commissions for luxury brand’s retail spaces — including for Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior — and for private clients worldwide. The 240-page book includes 300 illustrations and is broken up into chapters, each dedicated to a single collaboration, following it chronologically through its gestation, with Marino weighing in, riffing on the cross-pollination of art and architecture. And there’s potential for a series as the edition only examines 37 of the 250 commissioned art projects Marino has collaborated on in the past 40 years.

This intimate cocktail and dinner, hosted by Kathy Rayner, included Phaidon’s Keith Fox and Nancy Cain Marcus. “I live in Dallas. I just came up for this — Peter and Jane [Trapnell Marino, Peter’s wife] are close friends and I wouldn’t miss it for anything,” Cain Marcus told WWD.

Dressed in his signature black leather uniform, Marino was seated at the signing table, receiving congratulations between jotting down personal messages for his friends.

“It happened because two years ago an editor came to my office and said ‘we understand that you commission art’ and I said, ‘yes’ because I was an artist before everything. So it’s very close to my heart,” Marino explained, taking a break from his signing duties. “I worked at a lot of big firms before I went on my own. And they always went and picked out art and put it on the wall and I liked a bit more [of a] Renaissance connection. I ask the artist at the beginning [what they want] before I do the building and I was lucky enough to have great clients who have faith in me and my taste and support me and the artists.”

“Peter Marino: Art and Architecture” is priced at $125 and is now available at

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