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ON THE MARK: “What can’t you get at Target?” Jessica Alba wondered aloud walking the red carpet of the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target launch party at Spring Studio on Thursday night. “I go there for everything: socks, my daughter’s bathing suits, picture frames. I mean they really have it all.” Revelers — including Hannah Bronfman, Cory Kennedy, Sam Talbot, Maria Sharapova, Emile Hirsch, Danielle and Jodie Snyder and Julie Henderson — perused the racks while they could, most abstaining from actual shopping for fear of catching an elbow swing. Frothing shoppers shoved their way through, snatching up anything that looked remotely appealing à la “Supermarket Sweep.” The range, which tickets from $19.99 to $299.99, is a collision of Lim’s greatest hits from seasons past: signature leather goods with oversize gold zips, the dainty-yet-graphic floral prints from resort 2013 and the delightfully in-your-face comic strip superhero references from pre-fall 2012 were all reiterated in Target-friendly ways. Fiona Byrne hovered by a console, a mountain of discarded items lobbed on it. A beaming Nate Berkus slinked through the masses, husband Jeremiah Brent on his arm. “Hoarders,” Berkus teased a huddle of preteens reviewing their acquisitions with one another. “You have to strategize. Divide and conquer,” one coyly protested. “No, no,” Berkus chuckled. “I’m impressed.”

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