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Political statements dominated the finale at Prabal Gurung’s fall show Sunday night.

The 37-year-old designer ended his Feb. 12 show by sending his models — led by Bella Hadid — down the runway in T-shirts emblazoned with statements of female empowerment.

Marching to John Lennon’s “Imagine,” the leggy beauties donned messages including, “The future is female,” “I am a Gloria,” “I am a Michelle” and “We will not be silenced.”

“Fashion and politics can no longer be mutually exclusive,” Gurung said backstage. “We have to be able to be aware of the audience that we have and the platform that we have. The good old days of being fabulous are over. Fashion can no longer be an escape. We need to be alive and awake.”

Sarah Jessica Parker — who was seated in the front row across from Anna Wintour — was not worried about putting an exuberant fan in her place when she approached the star.

“It’s really scary when someone grabs you,” Parker said after an eager woman aggressively approached for a photo. “It gives me anxiety and in today’s world it’s sort of nuts.”

Moments later the “Sex and the City” star, 51, was vocal to another fan when asked for a photo, explaining, “I hate selfies and I think they’re terrible, but OK.”

Parker, who is  prepping for the second season of “Divorce” and designing her namesake shoe collection, was quick to commend Gurung’s politically charged statements.

“There are women I see on the subway who I know are on their way to second and third jobs of the day and whose names I will never know,” continued the actress. “I find those working mothers heroic.”

Moments later, the mother of three hurried backstage to embrace Gurung, and quickly departed the glamorous scene to “tuck my kids into bed.”

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