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“She flew out from L.A. — it’s her last flight before the baby comes,” said Topaz Page-Green cradling the swollen belly of Mickey Sumner, a truly dedicated cohost for Monday night’s Prada Parfums-sponsored Lunchbox Fund fall dinner.

Rupert Friend, Helena Christensen, Trudie Styler, Debbie Harry, Paul Haggis, Spike Jonze and more came out for the 11th annual benefit, which raises money for feeding children in South Africa, this year held at Andrew Carmellini‘s first Brooklyn outpost, Leuca, at the William Vale hotel.

Carmellini first hosted the Lunchbox Fund fall dinner two years ago, with the opening of his restaurant Little Park in the Smyth Hotel.

“I think that the events get better and better — and more cozy,” Page-Green said. “People who come are watching it grow, and are personally invested in the growth and success of the charity.”

As she spoke, close friend Haggis hovered nearby and noted his uncanny resemblance to the curious situation at last week’s presidential debate. “I’ll just stand here and hover and make you feel very uncomfortable,” Haggis said. “I’m like Donald Trump during the debate — lurking. Men do that very well.”

“The Lunchbox Fund feeds 25,000 children everyday in South Africa, which is astounding,” said Sumner, the eldest daughter of Sting and Styler. “It costs 25 cents to feed one child one meal.”

“Since last year, we’ve almost doubled the amount of children that we feed,” Page-Green told the room between courses. “We see results: attendance improves in all of the schools that we’re in; grades improve; we have multiple reports every year of kids who graduate and get scholarships to go to university, or kids who weren’t coming to school who now come to school, or kids who couldn’t concentrate and now do concentrate. We want the Lunchbox Fund not only to relieve the immediate need of feedings these kids, but also to provide a behavioral nudge to make sure these kids keep coming to school and keep improving in school.”

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