Rebel Wilson

“I just love New York and since I’m filming a movie here this summer I thought I may as well buy a place,” casually remarked Rebel Wilson Tuesday evening at a cocktail party marking the debut of her Rebel Wilson x Angels collection..

Perched comfortably on a plush armchair within the Soho offices of Dia&Co, the Australian actress donned a black cleavage-baring top and matching skirt from her line, which caters to a plus-size consumer and will unveil new designs every six weeks. “When I wasn’t an international movie star it was so hard to find the right clothes,” she explained. “You’d go to department stores and there’d be something all the way in the back in the dark and you’d be like, ‘Well, it fits around the waist so I’ll just buy it. I found it hard to be fashionable.”

Since a breakout role in the 2011 hit comedy “Bridesmaids” and numerous upcoming projects including the third and final installment of “Pitch Perfect,” life for the bubbly blonde has changed considerably, including a revamp of her self-described “gangsta” style.

“I work with really great stylists and costume designers and you pick up great tips like having a certain sleeve length,” she continued. “With this line I’m incorporating everything I’ve learned from walking red carpets and paparazzi photographing me in the street. You kind of have to look good, but some days I don’t look good.”

Noting that women’s sizes 16 and up are a rarity for many labels, Wilson has used her social media reach and public platform to become a role model for those with similar curvy body types and has collaborated on two previous capsule collections for Torrid.

“I feel like the plus-size market is underserved and with this I’m trying to give back some of my style and things that I’ve learned,” she noted. “You shouldn’t feel like you’re an outcast and you shouldn’t feel like fashion shouldn’t be for you. Something like my line gives people more choice.”

The former Sydney resident acknowledged she wants to promote a healthy lifestyle, but added with a laugh, “some people are bigger or just like eating desserts like me. When a dessert on a menu says it will take 20 minutes, I’m like, ‘Ok, I’ll wait.’”

To counterbalance her steady sweet tooth, Wilson was afforded regular exercise while filming “Pitch Perfect 3,” which is due in theaters just ahead of Christmas this year. “It’s going to throw a few people for a loop because we kind of turned it into an action movie, which you wouldn’t think.

“I did my stunts and all of my fight scenes so you’ll see a more bada– side of Fat Amy,” remarked the one-time karate student. “Now I can show some of my fighting abilities. Looking at me you wouldn’t think that I could take down 10 men at a time, but I can.”

Jumping on-board with the see-now-buy-now trend, Wilson’s character in the musical film will wear pieces from her eponymous collection, which will then be available to consumers at various department stores.

“We have this cool technology with our jeans called ‘Lycra Beauty,’ which sculpts and sucks you in but it’s super flexible so I wear them in a big dance number,” recalled Wilson. “If you watch the trailer I’m wearing a silver sparkly dress that will be available when the movie’s out. It takes a bit of organization and planning to do, but it’s so cool that I get to do stuff like that.”

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