Yes, there were ladies and lunch, but at the noontime event Gucci and Women’s Cancer Research Fund founders Kelly Chapman Meyer, Rita Wilson, Anne Douglas, Quinn Ezralow and Marion Laurie hosted Friday at e.Baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills, the conversation was a serious one: the impacts of the environment and diet on cancer. Marisa Weiss, founder of and nutrition expert Rachel Beller addressed the 40-person group during entrées and dessert. And before guests including Heather Mnuchin, Jennifer Meyer, Elizabeth Wiatt, Colleen Bell, Sarah Emanuel and Camila Alves sat down to eat, Heinz-Josef Lenz and Peter Laird shared some of the cutting edge medical research that WCRF helps to fund at the USC Keck School of Medicine, including a drug called PRI 274 that could reverse the effects of cancer, among other things (namely aging). “I think someone has already stolen the vial and passed it around with an eye dropper,” joked Lenz Heather. “Yes, but it needs a sexier name,” said Wilson. “We’ll call it Rita One.”

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