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Thunder and torrential downpours (by Los Angeles standards) couldn’t put a stop to this year’s annual Rodeo Drive Walk of Style fete, which paid tribute to Oscar-nominated costume designer Catherine Martin for outfitting “The Great Gatsby,” which earned her an Oscar nod. The setting — Beverly Hills’ Greystone Mansion — provided a Gatsby-esque backdrop for the occasion until the power went out during the award presentation with Cate Blanchett and Tobey Maguire on stage.

“Tobey did offer to act out the clip reel,” Blanchett grinned soon after the lights went out. Thanks to emergency power generators and a handy flashlight, she was able to give a glowing introduction to her fellow Australian. “I’m not alone in saying that her work has shifted my aesthetic sense and my sense of theater, my sense of fashion and the way I view every interior that I walk into. You don’t just see her work, you actually experience it,” said Blanchett. “I got to live in your sets and in your clothes; you’re one of the greatest that ever was. Catherine, the great! Hear, hear!” said Maguire as he led a Champagne toast.

Though Martin’s husband, Baz Luhrmann, couldn’t make it, the couple’s friends braved the weather, including Lorde, Jennifer Meyer Maguire and Georgina Chapman. Martin, who joins the ranks of previous Walk of Style inductees including Diana Vreeland, Tom Ford and Giorgio Armani, wore head-to-toe Prada for the occasion — a fitting choice given her collaboration with the house for “Gatsby.”

“I think you try to go with the flow and have a good time and enjoy it,” said Martin of her Academy Award nomination. “I try to think about the fact that I’m lucky. This is my fourth time going to the Oscars as a nominee and that’s an incredible honor, and I’m really happy to be here with my crazy girl posse in L.A., celebrating.”