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Salvatore Ferragamo celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founder arriving in Hollywood by welcoming a bevy of stars to its newly redesigned Rodeo Drive flagship on Wednesday night. “Mamma mia, that seems so long ago,” said Salvatore’s daughter Fulvia Visconti Ferragamo. “Of course we love this city and the connection with actors and actresses.” That bond was apparent from the turnout, which included Demi Moore and daughters Scout and Tallulah, Freida Pinto, Camilla Belle, Kiernan Shipka, Kelly Lynch, Cody Horn, Hopper Penn, Ethan Peck, Armie Hammer, Andy Garcia and daughter Dominik Garcia-Lorido.

“It’s funny because right before I got the invitation to this event I watched ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ and ‘How to Marry a Millionaire’ and it was all Marilyn Monroe. It’s so trippy because I just watched these movies and now it’s manifested in this store,” said Cody Horn, referring to a pair of Monroe’s crocodile Ferragamo pumps on display inside one of the Art Deco-style vitrines. Horn, like several other actresses, was also enjoying the vintage vibe of her color-blocked knit dress and shoes.

“Yeah, the shoes are rad,” said Kiernan Shipka. “They add to the Art Deco-ness of the whole deal.” While Horn enjoyed the Burning Man festival the previous week, calling it “a cultural phenomenon, like the Woodstock of this generation,” Shipka started taking college courses. “I’m also going to the Toronto Film Festival on Friday,” she said (for her film “February” with Emma Roberts) “then to New York Fashion Week.” Clearly, she’s not your typical college student.

Nor is Ireland Baldwin, who’s studying cinematography at the New York Film Academy. “I got to go to Cannes this summer with my dad [Alec Baldwin] and I’m starting to audition for acting roles. We need more women in film and I’m so passionate about it.”

Elsewhere in the vast, multiroom boutique, Moore and her daughters checked their makeup in one of the hundreds of mirrors before posing for photographs. Managing to look cool in a floor-length Ferragamo wool wrap despite outside temps in the high 90s, Moore shrugged “there’s air conditioning inside.” “They had all these cool-weather clothes, which would have been perfect if it were, like, 30 degrees cooler,” said Tallulah Willis, in a leather and chiffon skirt.

“I’m from India so we’re supposed to be used to the heat, but this is unexpected,” said Pinto.

At least some things that evening weren’t coincidental. Architect William Sofield said, “I so believe in paying tribute and keeping souls alive, so I really tried to channel Mr. Ferragamo’s energy in this store. And I used to live in Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford’s old bungalow in Laurel Canyon and later found out that Mr. Ferragamo was good friends with them and spent a lot of time there. Some things happen in wonderful ways.”

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