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NEW LOOK: Shiseido unveiled a new advertising campaign boasting a slicker, international and more multicultural approach at a cocktail party in Paris on Friday night.

At the Mona Bismarck American Center, the four images destined for print were displayed, along with outtakes from the making of the yet-to-be wrapped film ads. There were also sounds from Senjan Jansen and four 3-D art installations created by Robert Montgomery, which mixed light, video and words.

In the center’s back garden, for instance, was a huge work made of lit letters spelling out: “Beauty and love are participation/Processes fueled by kindness, sustained/Through daily exchanges of empathy./In this way we begin to see that beauty/And love are not nouns at all, but verbs.”

“He’s done a really good job of the captions,” said Dick Page, artistic director at Shiseido. “I’m talking about expansiveness and generosity, like expanding the idea of how the brand is regarded in an emotional sense — not just like here is the product.”

Page said the idea with the new campaign, called “Beauty vs. the World,” is to have high-impact visuals, which were lensed by Mario Sorrenti, in order to “step away from what had been beautiful but a little abstract to make something a bit more tangible and sensual. Sometimes you have to do a 180-[degree shift] to affect the change.”

Page was involved in the casting of models Asia Chow, Enikö Mihalik and Imaan Hammam.

The new campaign, used to promote Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate and an upcoming foundation, is due out starting early next year.

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