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All eyes were on Sienna Miller Tuesday night when the actress held center court at a cocktail party in support of International Medical Corps.

Miller was joined by Justin Theroux — the two have been the subject of dating rumors as of late — and was sadly without friends Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone.

Theroux arrived 30 minutes or so after Miller; the two avoided photos together, though just last week they were more than happy to pose (do with that what you will). Curiously, Theroux was rather chummy with Zoe Buckman, which would be neither here nor there except for the fact that each is the ex-spouse of “Friends” Ross and Rachel (David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston, if we must spell that out). All of that is to say that despite the absence of Lawrence and Stone, and despite Theroux’s repeated avoidance of talking with press, there was plenty of decent people watching for the ogling reporter.

Zoe Buckman and Justin Theroux

Zoe Buckman and Justin Theroux  Stephen Lovekin/WWD

Miller has been an ambassador for the organization since her first trip in 2009 to the Congo. “A friend of mine had gone to a fund-raiser in L.A. and had heard the statistic that a woman is raped every eight minutes in the Congo and it was the most jarring, disturbing statistic — and I had no idea,” she said of how she learned of the organization. “I sort of saw people going on these trips and never knew how you got involved. They were really gracious and accommodating; we went for two weeks, and I think once you’ve had that kind of experience and worked in the field, it’s kind of life-altering in a way that I find now necessary.”

In the nine years she’s been with the organization, Miller said she has done trips with “the father of my child’s brother” (try to figure out who that is) and “my publicist and best friend since I was 10,” but that most of her travels are with the staff of the organization she has befriended over the years.

Her destinations have included Lebanon, Haiti, Ethiopia and Nigeria, from where she just returned after visiting with Boko Haram refugees.

“It’s complicated, being a mother; the last two trips that we went on, one was to Lebanon and a bomb went off on a checkpoint we’d just driven through, and just now in Nigeria one of the camps we visited, the day we left five people died. And you sort of think while it’s extraordinary that these people are risking their lives every day, you have to be careful and responsible,” Miller said. “It’s about picking the right ways and not going into really active zones.”

The event was the first of its kind for the organization, which Miller later told the audience was lesser-known than other aid groups because they spend very few dollars on self-promotion.

“Part of what tonight is is to really introduce people to the organization and to invite people to go on trips as well. I get so uncomfortable doing this sort of thing. Not my area of expertise at all,” she said of playing host. “I think next year we’ll do something a bit more entertaining than a cocktail party. It’s a good way to start.”

Cass Bird and Sienna Miller

Cass Bird and Sienna Miller  Stephen Lovekin/WWD

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