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Those art-crowd people not hunkered down in Paris this week gathered at the New Museum’s Nineties party on Wednesday night and fulfilled a bit of sartorial nostalgia in the name of the institution’s current time capsule of an exhibition, “NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star.”

Per the invitation, members were instructed to dress in “Gen-X garb,” and most got into the theme. The bulk of partiers veered more grunge than minimalist with a near-ubiquitous showing of flannel (often tied around the waist), Doc Martens and, for the female partygoers, an oxblood lip. There was a host of floral print bike shorts, a sprinkling of eye-catching printed caps à la Keith Haring and a couple of bulky backpacks that Angela Chase would have totally rocked when stalking Jordan Catalano in “My So-Called Life.” More overt generational references included a “Titanic” T-shirt and the requisite number of Nirvana paraphernalia. One partygoer toted an anachronistic cell phone the size of her head while another toted around a “Donna Martin Graduates!” placard, a very specific nod to “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

The theme pervaded the playlist with Eagle-Eye Cherry and Third Eye Blind playing over the speakers and a selection of theme-riffing cocktails at the bar — My So-Called Martini, The OJ, The Clinton, etc. Upstairs, smokers lingered out on the balcony and scoped each other out. “You are so Nineties. I love it,” a girl said looking over her friend’s ensemble between drags. She later divulged she was born in 1994. “Well, I know what people wore because I’ve seen all the movies.”


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