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Art and Hollywood heavyweights turned out for the opening of the Dennis Hopper Double Standard show at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles Saturday night. The late actor and artists’ children Marin, Ruthanna and Henry were in attendance, as were Liv Tyler, Reese Witherspoon, Ed Ruscha, Chuck Arnoldi, Doug Aitken, Kenny Scharf, Ed Moses and Julian Schnabel who curated the show. “I think Julian did a great job of showing the different sides of Dennis’ art. So many people want you to be one thing — an actor or an artist or a photographer — but he was someone who could truly do it all,” said Kelly Lynch, who came with her husband Mitch Glazer.


A younger crew of up-and-comers turned out too— Peter Brant, Jr., Allesandra Balazs, Asia Chow, Shane Lynch, Vito Schnabel and Nathalie Love—which is little surprise given that the Downtown Standard is known more as a haunt of teens and twentysomethings than it is a meeting spot for esteemed artists.

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