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Every fashion editor knows all too well that looking at rack after rack of clothes — or even runway show after runway show — can numb the senses. So Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis of Suno opted for a less formal West Coast presentation on Tuesday night, hosting a dinner party along with Nars Cosmetics at the Beverly Hills home of Ashlee Margolis. Guests including Emma Roberts, Rashida and Kidada Jones, Gabrielle Union, Jessica Paré  and Mickey and Fuschia Kate Sumner served as the models, donning pieces from the spring and fall 2016 collections while they enjoyed cocktails and a buffet dinner in Margolis’ backyard.

“I’m kind of dying over her furniture,” said Beatty, who added “we didn’t have to do much, it was a pretty turnkey event.” Indeed, the manicured modern patio and pool area were perfectly suited for dining al fesco. And the chilly L.A. evening temperatures meant that Beatty and her fans could comfortably wear the latest fall fashions.

“It’s, like, this is the runway,” said Fuschia Kate Sumner, as she mimicked a catwalk pose underneath a heat lamp. Osterweis agreed, “It’s really the best way to get to know our customers and meet new people, outside of a showroom.”

Stylists Petra Flannery, Tara Swennen, Brad Goreski and Negar Ali were also in the mix, as were Cameron Richardson, Tracee Ellis Ross and Mia Moretti.

Richardson pulled out her camera phone, then directed her boyfriend and Osterweis to stand in front of the personalized flower wall that stood in for a step-and-repeat. “You’re covering the ‘S,’ so it just looks like ‘Uno’” she laughed.

It quickly drew past the party’s official end time, but guests — most of whom were old friends of Margolis’ — continued the revelry. “There’s really no reason for anyone to leave, other than I need to clean up my house and go to bed,” Margolis said.