Christmas came early.

The day after the New York premiere of “Les Misérables,” Clé de Peau Beauté global spokeswoman Amanda Seyfried took a break from promoting her film to celebrate the brand’s spring collection with an advance screening of the film.

“It opens a world for me,” said Seyfried of being the brand’s spokeswoman for over two years. “I pay so much more attention to my skin now. Also, in some way we’re telling a story. I have all this awareness and these things at my disposal and I’m using it all because it would be really silly not to. And I’ve become addicted to certain things.”

In her third Alexander McQueen ensemble of the week, Seyfried was wearing a black and gold fitted strapless dress. She spoke to WWD during the event Tuesday night about her role as Cosette and the dynamic while filming the remake of the French historical novel.

“We were all really terrified and so we bonded almost immediately when we started rehearsals,” said Seyfried of singing live while filming. “It’s very much like singing eight shows a week, 10 hours a day. No one really quite knew where their voice would go after the first three hours of singing.”

Playing the daughter of Hugh Jackman, Seyfried learned first-hand about what makes a hero. “He’s as close as you can get to Valjean,” she said. “Valjean is a literary hero and Hugh Jackman is always saying how Valjean is his personal hero. And he is Valjean, to me.”


Lisa Westcott, the makeup artist for the film, transformed the actors to embody their roles. “She brought such life to these character’s faces, especially the prostitutes,” said Seyfried. “We went with that kind of natural angelic face [for Cosette]. We used my [Clé de Peau Beauté] concealer, which I use in every movie to work out the spots, a little blush, no mascara and a little on the eyebrows so they wouldn’t disappear. Grounding it all in reality. You need to do that as much as possible so the audience can stay with you.”

While some of the actors had to wear plastic molds on top of their teeth, Seyfried and her costar Eddie Redmayne stayed clear of the dentures. “She lives in a world where she can afford to take care of her teeth,” said Seyfried. “When Eddie Redmayne said, ‘Yeah, I’m not going to wear them, it’s fine, he’s rich,’ I said, ‘If you’re not wearing them, I’m not wearing them.’”

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