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A sea of gowns and suits filled the room at The Pierre hotel on Wednesday night. Champagne in hand, guests were celebrating what Dior president Renaud de Lesquen called the “climax” of his brand’s involvement with The Boys’ Club of New York — and they were celebrating in style.

Dior and BCNY formed a partnership earlier this year, though it’s unclear exactly how it came about. De Lesquen’s publicist said it was “a very organic process” and that BCNY trustee Amy Griffin facilitated it, as she has “been very supportive of Dior.” Last night was BCNY’s 68th annual fall dance and its first with Dior. The event supported BCNY’s arts programs.

“We really admire what The Boys’ Club is doing to support all of this charity and all of these programs,” said de Lesquen. “We like very much the idea of a women-only club. Dior is about women, it’s about making women more beautiful and happier and to support what they do. [These] very powerful and amazing [women] together we thought was very unique.” The “women-only club” de Lesquen was referring to was BCNY’s Women’s Board. Dior had dressed some of its members for the occasion.

“The event has sold out,” said women’s board member Ritchey Howe, who donned a Dior dress. “I think we have 420 people coming. It’s always our favorite event for the women’s board. This is our 68th year doing it. I have been coming myself for about 20 of them, and it’s always been a big focal point of the fall season for a lot of our friends.”

Both de Lesquen and Howe revealed they had each received a great education, which is why BCNY’s work is that much more important to them.

“When I was young, I was looking to receive a very good and solid education, thanks to my parents and my family and all of that,” de Lesquen said. “I think whatever we can do to help [those] who [weren’t] necessarily born in the same conditions, whatever we can do to help them benefit is great.”

“I went to private school, so I always had a lot of opportunities,” Howe said. “But for these boys, they don’t have any after-school opportunities. [The Boys’ Club] provides them a beacon of light in their neighborhoods, whether it be in Harlem or the East Village or in Queens….I think what’s most important is that The Boys’ Club really teaches character.…It gives them a family and a really healthy place to be and a sense of community with boys who are on the right track and opportunities to develop whatever they want to develop.”

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