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The red carpet at the “Girls” final season premiere on Thursday night was a show in itself — and it had the live audience to prove it. After posing in front of a screaming fan base and completing the obligatory Facebook livestream appearance, Andrew Rannells resumed his spot on the carpet. And then came Rita Wilson.

Rannells gasped as Wilson sneakily snapped a selfie of the two. “I was just talking about you,” he said to her. It’s true. He had just been talking about her.

Wearing a Brooks Brothers suit, Rannells explained how he came to own the Gucci loafers on his feet. “Jordan Roth, who produced ‘The Book of Mormon’ and also ‘Falsettos’ that I just did, I wore a knockoff pair of Gucci loafers in ‘Falsettos’ and I was showing them to him and before opening night, he sent me a real pair of Gucci loafers,” he said. “He’s a nice man.”

Zosia Mamet was simultaneously celebrating her 29th birthday, and wore a “disco ball dress” by Marc Jacobs. Though she hated her wardrobe on the show, she cherished the various phases her character, Shoshanna, went through. Her favorite one?

I loved Japan,” she said. “That was a really, very hard, but epic experience.”

As for which cast member they felt is the best dressed among them, Mamet and Rannells shared similar sentiments.

“I would say Allison [Williams is] probably the most put together,” said Mamet.

Allison always dazzles me when she shows up places,” Rannells said. “She always looks absolutely stunning. And Lena [Dunham] also is always so gorgeous and can do so many different things. She can do the very classic Hollywood thing or she can do a more young and modern thing. The scope of her style is very broad, which is a lot of fun ‘cause you never know exactly what she’s gonna show up in. I haven’t seen her yet tonight, so we’ll see.”

Dunham did the “young and modern thing” Thursday night by (ironically) wearing vintage Todd Oldham. She explained to another reporter that she had been styled by Gabriel Held, whom she’s known since she was nine. The two decided that Dunham should wear nothing but vintage Oldham all of the time.

The final season of any show always brings to mind the notion of an eventual reunion. Was Dunham open to that?

“F—-k yes,” she said.

Perhaps she’ll still be wearing vintage Todd Oldham when it happens.

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