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It should come as no surprise that Natalie Portman enjoys evading the glaring spotlight of stardom on occasion. “It’s nice to not be looked at for a little while,” said Portman on Wednesday night. “And just get to watch.”

The starlet soon got her chance, escaping to the shadowy theater of New York’s Crosby Street Hotel, where her latest action-adventure-blockbuster, “Thor,” was being screened.

The premiere — hosted by Dior Beauty, The Cinema Society and Marie Claire — stars Portman as Jane Foster, an astrophysicist and, of course, Thor’s love interest. “You get to look at Chris Hemsworth in tights and a cape all day,” Portman giggled. “It’s pretty exciting.“

Back from her filming hiatus for the movie, Portman is looking forward to getting behind the camera. “Next, I’m directing my first feature film,” she said “I’m in preproduction right now and working tirelessly on that.”

It would seem working tirelessly is part of Portman’s DNA. On top of her fledging directing career, the actress is the face of Dior Beauty and is all about being comfortable in her own skin. “So much of [the beauty industry] tries to tell us to be something that we’re not,” said Portman. “Try to be taller and thinner, lighter skin and straighter hair, whatever messages that they pump at us. It’s much more about feeling good about the way you are. You can’t really change those things anyway, even if you wanted to.”

The screening drew in the likes of AnnaSophia Robb, Sebastian Stan, Genevieve Jones, Elizabeth Gilpin, Nigel Barker, Nicole Miller and Rachel Roy. After the film rolled, guests migrated over to the Marlton Hotel for the after party where they clinked Qui Tequila cocktails aptly named Thor.

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