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“I love being with these girls,” Jennifer Garner said, moments after posing with Halle Berry and Reese Witherspoon on the Tiffany blue carpet. “I’m happy to be here on Rodeo Drive with these fabulous ladies and to get to chat and sparkle.”

Indeed, Tiffany & Co. created quite the spectacle to celebrate its newly renovated Beverly Hills boutique on Thursday night. There were movie stars (many of them collaborators with the brand or wearing its borrowed jewelry), performances and, of course, diamonds upon diamonds.

“Growing up in West Virginia, the idea of Tiffany’s just seemed so far away, so glamorous, so exciting, and it’s always held that for me,” added Garner, who accessorized her Lanvin ensemble with $1,675,000 worth of jewelry. “Who doesn’t love it?”

Underscoring her point, the cocktail soirée attracted a group that included Liam Hemsworth, Sofia Vergara, Gal Gadot, Kate Hudson, Camilla Belle, Jack Huston, Ali Larter, Matt Bomer, Jaime King, Robbie Rogers and Rachel Roy, all decked out in jewelry and watches by the luxury brand.

“I just started working with the brand about a year ago because they hired their first female creative design director [Francesca Amfitheatrof],” Witherspoon said. “Women are the ones wearing the jewelry, so it’s great to have a woman designing.”

On this occasion, the jewelry was the main event. “I really dressed for the jewelry tonight,” Berry said of her black Alexander McQueen pantsuit. “I thought this best highlighted these gorgeous jewels.” Hudson said she and stylist Sophie Lopez had the same idea. “We were like, ‘Let’s just do a pantsuit and make it all about the jewelry,” shared Hudson, who said her history with the brand began while working on a film. “When I produced ‘Bride Wars,’ Tiffany’s was a huge part of our story — the iconic blue box. I got to know everybody during that time. It’s such an iconic brand.”

Hosted by Tiffany & Co. senior vice president Jennifer de Winter and the Art of Elysium, the alfresco affair took place on the “Via Rodeo” terrace with a jazz band greeting guests and the blue carpet leading attendees up the famous Rodeo Drive steps. “Apparently there’s a surprise performance,” Hemsworth said, adding that he was also “excited to see some of Fay Ray’s artwork” in Brian Bowen Smith’s installation in the store.

Everyone took their seats and soon diamond-clad dancers performed a lyrical routine during an interactive light show. Afterwards, “act two” began as a pint-sized silhouette emerged from the shadows. “I’m very excited to be here tonight,” Ariana Grande told the crowd — and why would she be? She was wearing a necklace valued at $250,000. The singer performed a three song set that included “Love Me Harder,” “Dangerous Woman,” and, fittingly, “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.”

“I couldn’t resist,” she cooed.

From there, Tiffany & Co.’s longtime patrons and high-rollers made their way inside the store for a Champagne-fueled shopping expedition. Gadot admitted that the borrowed jewels made her a tad anxious. “I’m always nervous with expensive things,” she sighed. Belle agreed. “I’m always checking,” she said, inspecting her rings. “Everything is on! I will not be going anywhere else. Home, here, done!”