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“This is the only show I’m doing this week,” Ciara declared Wednesday night from the pink-hued set of Tom Ford’s runway show inside the Park Avenue Armory. “And when you get invited to Mr. Ford, you can’t turn that down.”

The singer will be hitting up one other party — Harper’s Bazaar’s Icons celebration Friday night at the Plaza Hotel — before heading out to Green Bay, Wisc., to take in a different kind of show. “My husband has his first game versus Green Bay [Packers] so I’m excited for that, too,” she added, before taking her seat next to Kim Kardashian and Chaka Khan. Luckily, there are no sideline nerves for her beau, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. “I stay calm, and I’m super excited more than anything. I’m super, super excited,” she said, flipping her palms above her head as a gesture for a good football season ahead. “Put it in the air.”

Farther down the front row stretch of celebrities, sports — specifically, basketball — was the answer for how Russell Westbrook keeps up his stamina during fashion week. “Working out. You know, I work out a lot in the morning, so that gets me going, just my blood flow going. It gets me pumped up,” he said. The fashion plate is hammering down his schedule, but Calvin Klein and Public School are on his radar.

“Imagine seeing you here,” said Cindy Crawford, greeting a similarly Tom Ford-sequined Helena Christensen with a hug.

“Fortunately, I think the hardest thing for me this week is going to be being mom to my daughter [Kaia Gerber], who is kicking off fashion week,” Crawford said. “And just trying to keep her balanced and grounded, because it’s so overwhelming and so tiring,” she added. “It’s fun to do it because our kids are entering this world — for us to share that with them the first time is kind of cool.”

Ansel Elgort had come out to show his gratitude to the designer, who dressed him for the China and L.A. premieres of the actor’s summer car flick “Baby Driver.” “It did really well,” said Elgort, himself a bit surprised at the fact. “I think it just broke $200 million and the movie’s budget was $30 million. Original story, original script. It’s still in theaters, everyone should go see it.” Elgort also has his eyes on a future Tom Ford casting.

“This is the only [show] I’m going to this week. I really like Tom a lot. He’s a nice guy, and his aesthetic is amazing. His movies are great, too,” Elgort said. “I really loved  ‘Nocturnal Animals.’ I’d love to be in one of his movies.”

Fresh off of a vacation abroad, Pat Cleveland had been one of the first to take her front row spot, her husband seated directly behind her.

“I just got back from the jungle — I was in the jungle in Mexico. Coming into fashion week is the best way to come back to New York,” Cleveland said, taking in the growing throng of photographers milling around her seatmates, who ranged from Julianne Moore to Karlie Kloss. “We’re in a fashion jungle.”