“She’s business savvy,” a veteran businessman said about a neophyte businesswoman.

That’s how Donald Trump described Kim Kardashian at a screening Wednesday night of an episode of the 10th season of “The Apprentice,” which aired Thursday and featured the task of creating a marketing plan for fragrance retailer Perfumania.

Kardashian was a judge on the episode and chose from two teams that designed special merchandising displays for Kardashian’s signature feminine scent, which is carried at the chain. The display is up in two stores.

When told that Trump lauded her business approach, she replied, “Hearing that from Donald Trump is very cool, iconic.”

On choosing a losing team, she said, “It’s tough, it’s no joke. When I came in, I wanted to make sure that I was extremely sympathetic — that’s more my personality anyway — more like constructive criticism. Both [teams] were amazing but you have to pick a winner. It’s such a tough job no matter what.

Stephen L. Nussdorf, chairman and executive officer of Perfumania, said the TV exposure “gives us more awareness.” Also, Kardashian’s likeness appears in window displays at all 370 of Perfumania’s stores. “Everyone’s going to get a big dose. From Maine to Alaska, people will hopefully see that.

“She’s made an impact [on beauty]. She’s the ‘It’ girl now.”

He added that she made a personal appearance at the retailer’s Camarillo, Calif., store “which she lives near,” an event that drew 1,000 people, he said. The result? “They sold out the fragrance.”

Even Kardashian pointed out during the soriee at Provocateur in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District that given the scent’s availability at Sephora and Macy’s, going to Perfumania yields a “broader audience.”

Reminiscing about her 30th birthday on Oct. 21, Kardashian said she pulled a “Double Tao — Tao squared for the 30th.” She first hit the restaurant’s Las Vegas location and, the next night, arrived at Tao in New York. “Dinner, going out, partying [with] mostly girlfriends. It was definitely a girls’ themed birthday party.”

For his part, Trump said, “There’s a lot of things involved with success. You never know what it is exactly. But I’ve always had a sense for knowing what people like, for getting the best location, whether it’s Trump Tower or whatever it might be. And you have to work hard, think right and never ever give up.

When pressed on his sense of humor, he said, “Well, I think I have a sense of humor. I’ve had a lot of fun.”

He touted the endurance of the show, adding that her people called his people and expressed interest in Kardashian appearing on the program that aired last week.

“They wanted to be on the show. We worked it out,” Trump said. “And she did really well. She had a big role on the show. She [made] the right decision.”

But Trump acknowledged his catch-phrase doesn’t always come out as theatrically. When asked how many people he has fired, he asked, “Over a lifetime? Too many. It’s never something I love doing. A lot of people, unfortunately.”

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