Former president Bill Clinton would have been proud. During lunch today at the Four Seasons Restaurant, Clinton’s confidante Vernon Jordan got a little extra dessert with his meal. As Jordan dined with Blackstone Group co-founder Pete Peterson, a skinny blond strolled into the Grill Room, planted herself in front of Jordan and rolled her top down. As the other patrons began cheering and clapping, the woman proceeded to shove her chest in his face and kiss Jordan as he blew out a bundt cake with parsley in the middle of it (an inside joke between the two men), and full of candles (to celebrate his 75th birthday.) As it turns out, the scantily clad blond, who many thought was a stripper, is a food blogger named Becky Wunder. A quick glance at her site shows that Wunder has been featured in six editions of Playboy.

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