Hollywood crashed headlong into Wall Street on Monday night at the Museum of Modern Art, where HBO Films premiered its small screen adaptation of Andrew Ross Sorkin’s “Too Big to Fail.” The evening produced at least one surrealist exercise, as Warren Buffett, who had flown in from Omaha for the screening, mugged for photographers on the red carpet with Ed Asner, who plays him in the film. “We do look alike, don’t we?” Buffett laughed to WWD. “Maybe we’re twins.” Asner replied, “I wish.”

Many of the film’s stars had spent time with the financial-world counterparts their characters were based on prior to filming: Tony Shaloub met John Mack (the former chief executive officer of Morgan Stanley), and William Hurt spent several days with former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. “We did outdoorsy activities,” Hurt explained. “Fishing, things like that. We got to know each other on that level. It was very, very helpful.” Sorkin was on hand, chatting with Topher Grace and greeting James Woods, Dan Hedaya, Billy Crudup, Bill Pullman and Cynthia Nixon by the entrance. Paul Giamatti caroused with Curtis Hanson, discussing the after party to follow at the Four Seasons hotel, as Mariska Hargitay slipped into the theater behind Matthew Modine. “It’s just pretty cool,” Grace grinned, looking at Buffett. “To watch the movie with these guys, all in the same room. I mean, it’s awe inspiring. This happened! These are the times we live in. Pretty cool.”

This story first appeared in the May 18, 2011 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

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