Micah McDonald, Kiersey Clemons, Wayman Bannerman

“I cooked some dinner for us. I hope you enjoy it. Those flowers,” stylist Micah McDonald said motioning over to tables for a seated dinner, “those are from my garden. I picked them. And I had four fittings today.”

McDonald was kidding, although not about the four fittings on Thursday, and he was indeed serving as host alongside Wayman Bannerman and Kiersey Clemons for a small dinner toasting the launch of the latest Asos Design collection, with racks on display in the home’s backyard and living room.

Guests were a mix of celebrities and stylists, including Alisha Boe, Erica Cloud, Kollin Carter and Bryon Javar, with mini tacos among the appetizers passed around along with bacon-covered dates and chicken and salmon entrees among the evening’s fare.

The launch is particularly timely as much of the industry turns its attention to festival season and the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival just around the corner.

Both Bannerman and McDonald will be there for the festival’s first weekend with the annual event continuing to be a major draw for the fashion and beauty set with brands such as Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe, Levi’s, Revolve, Adidas and YSL Beauty all set to descend upon the Coachella Valley next month.

“Everyone now in every season, every year, they’re trying to push the envelope of what they’ve done in previous years. They’re also researching what other people have done before them and they want to outdo that,” Bannerman said of festival fashion. “So it’s a little competition with myself and with friends to push the envelope with the looks and the trends that they’ve created.

“It’s about, ‘Oh, let me try adding one more element to something I’ve been in’ and then all those elements together creates a new trend,” McDonald added.

Alisha Boe, Kiersey Clemons

Alisha Boe and Kiersey Clemons at a private dinner celebrating the launch of the latest Asos Design collection.  Jason Lowrie/BFA.com

After the hysteria of the desert, the two will swing into Met Ball mode with a few clients attending this year’s gala.

“The Met Gala, for us, this year is going to be really amazing,” McDonald said. “We have a number of clients going, and it’s been so interesting to hear from them their interpretation of what the same theme means. That’s really inspiring us to get in there and really make it great.”

Unlike her cohosts, Clemons said she’d be staying away from Coachella, lamenting about all the work that ends up going into the preparation for it, although said it was well worth it in the end.

“You have to be very ready so that you’re not a party pooper,” she said. “It’s one of those situations where you don’t want to be like ‘Guys, I have to use the bathroom’ or ‘I need this’ or ‘I need that.’ It’s like going to an amusement park with kids.”

Clemons was the cover face for Asos Magazine’s fall issue.

“It was a really beautiful day,” she recalled of the shoot. “I remember going and I just didn’t feel like wearing a lot of colors that day. I was, like, I want to be in black all day. Everything was very colorful, and it ended up changing my mood and making my day feel better. I find that interesting that clothes can do that.”

The actress is set to produce and star in a film on Lauren Simmons, the youngest female trader at the New York Stock Exchange.

“We just got the first draft of this movie I’m producing,” Clemons said, smiling. “So I’m really excited that our writer just got her first draft.”