GET IT RIGHT: Given that Conor Maynard has almost a million followers on Instagram, you’d think he would have his Boomerang moves sussed. Not so.

At the party hosted by Will.i.am to celebrate the launch of his wireless i.am EPs headphones at Farfetch, a Boomerang video booth was set up for guests to strike a moving pose as they arrived.

“I was trying to point at the camera but it just captured my hand sort of suspended in midair, like I’m accusing someone of something. I really messed that up,” Maynard laughed on seeing the resulting twitchy image of him with his stylist Danyul Brown. “[Boomerangs] are definitely not something I’ve nailed. I don’t think anyone can ever get good at doing them, you just have to be weird and pray for the best.”

The star, who is famous for his covers of songs on YouTube supported Will.i.am on his last tour, said he was putting the finishing touches on his new album, which is reported to be a collection of covers with one original song. “I also have a whole new digital project happening in a couple of weeks on my YouTube channel, working with a bunch of different singers in sing-offs,” he explained. “I’ll be sing-battling them; a bit like [Jimmy Fallon’s] Lip Sync Battle but with actual singing. We will have one backing track and we will have to sing as many songs as we can over that one backing track. I’m going to win every single one.”

“Empire” star Serayah McNeill arrived in a floor-sweeping shirt, excited about her first-ever trip to London. “I am here to check out the shows,” she said. “But I wish I had more time to be a tourist. We had a look at the Millennium Bridge today and it would be so amazing to have time to explore the city and go to the places that locals go.”

Olympic medal-winning diver Tom Daley, who gave a tongue-in-cheek version of a high dive for his Boomerang, said he was taking two months off after his success at the Rio Olympics — but it’s not a complete slowdown. “Well, I’ve been working out every day anyway because I just feel disgusting if I don’t — I’m a health and fitness freak so I don’t ever take my foot off the gas completely,” he told WWD. “So instead of doing 6 hours a day training I’m doing just one hour a day.”

Then it will be back to the training schedule in preparation for the next Olympics in Tokyo. “As long as my body holds out I’ll be ready to do it again, definitely! You hit the water at 35 miles per hour every time you hit the water, so it takes a lot of impact on your shoulders, triceps, elbows, wrists.”

Will.i.am also took the opportunity to introduce his new philanthropic project, Whereisthelove.com, with a screening of the video for his rereleased “Where Is The Love?” hit. The site, he said, hopes will remind people of the many problems in the world — and encourage them to do something to help.

“Something happened; Paris happened, November last year. By February, people forgot. Belgium happened, by June, people forgot. Philando Castile got shot and killed live on Facebook; By August, people forgot. Alton Sterling, in Baton Rouge, was killed the day before that and, four weeks later, it seemed like people forgot. So the video is to remind people: don’t forget. Don’t forget that we have problems that we need to resolution.

“Maybe it’s hard for you to leave that Facebook, Instagram feed, Snapchat feed, doing whatever the f–k you’re doing [online]. Sometimes it’s OK to leave those things and go to a place where you can either shed light, or you can donate to a number of things out there that still need a resolution,” he told WWD, adding that all proceeds from sales of the song will go to education in inner cities, “‘Cause that’s the reason all those other things have happened.”

Other guests at the party included Noel Gallagher, Jade Jagger, Alexandra Richards, who played a DJ set, actor Fady Elsayed, singer/songwriter Alice Chater and DJ duo Lou Hayter and Nova Dando.