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Zachary Quinto was at Bar Naná in Manhattan’s West Village Thursday night co-hosting the after party for Todd Snyder. He was able to attend Richard Chai’s show, but missed Snyder’s.

“I couldn’t make the show because I’m doing a play. I came right from the theater,” Quinto said in reference to “The Glass Menagerie” at the Booth Theatre.

The actor and designer struck up a friendship some time ago after Quinto visited Snyder’s showroom.

“He started his company the same year I started my production company so I feel like from a creative and business standpoint, we have a similar understanding about how to grow and evolve,” Quinto said. Behind him, Naná was swarmed with people that already gotten through a bottle-neck by the door to get inside. “I like that he’s from the Midwest and is from a humble background and is really pursuing a dream. It resonated for me,” he said.

<p>Todd Snyder</p>

Photo By: Steve Eichner

<p>Zachary Quinto and Fiona Byrne</p>

Photo By: Steve Eichner

<p>‪Avan Lana‬ performing.</p>

Photo By: Steve Eichner

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