Zoey Deutch wears Prada C Magazine

“It’s so perfect here, I feel like I’m on vacation in a faraway land,” mused Zoey Deutch while taking in the view of crashing waves from the terrace of the Malibu Beach Inn the evening of April 12.

The actress was on hand to celebrate her C magazine cover along with this month’s subjects Kelly Lamb, Disc Interiors, Scott Shrader, Lisa Marie Fernandez; founder and editorial director Jennifer Hale played host.

“I embarrassingly went up to my local newsstand like, ‘I want a thousand, all of them,’” she said. After convincing the clerk that it was her face on the cover, she returned the next day to find an empty section saying, “They were sold out. It wasn’t just us.”

“It’s such a beautiful cover,” Deutch’s proud mother Lea Thompson said. “The photographs are so sexy. It’s so beautiful and different from anything that she’s ever taken before.” Her sister Maddie Deutch lauded, “I’m my sister’s number-one fan.”

After wrapping “The Year of Spectacular Men,” which her mother directed and sister wrote, the 22-year-old continues to rack up experience. Her latest role in “Flower,” which will be screening at the Tribeca Film Festival, is one of her darker roles. “I think every part and every experience is hopefully a challenge,” she noted. “I play Erica Vandross, a 17-year-old living in a small town. She has abandonment issues and starts to extort men in the town, so she has enough money to get her dad out of jail. She has a very boundary-less relationship with her mother. played by Kathryn Hahn. It’s a really interesting piece.”

Just before the sun disappeared, guests made their way inside to be seated at a long, farm-style table for one-on-one conversations and local ingredients from sources like One Gun Ranch prepared by chef Cody Dickey.

Deutch had her eye on the floral arrangements by Kari Rasmussen. “I plan on sneakily leaving with a bouquet. I was given permission. It’s not stealing. I don’t want them to go to waste. It’s like a party favor.”

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