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“Has anyone seen Paris‘ phone?” asked one of Hilton‘s burly security guards who was haplessly hunting for the elusive mobile at Julien Macdonald‘s after-show party. And while waiters, friends and p.r. folks hovered around Hilton, helping look for the phone, yet another drama unfolded on Tuesday night at the Cuckoo Club in Mayfair.

“Where’s MY phone?” exclaimed Camilla Al-Fayed, who’s clearly been spending way too much time with her new friend Paris. Other guests included Meg Mathews, Kaz James of the Body Rockers and Margo Stilley. “I’ve got chilblains on my arms from seeing Paris walk out in that white dress!” said Stilley, referring to Hilton’s final exit at the Macdonald show, dressed in a bridal gown and veil. Hilton said she was honored to take part in the show, and happy to be spending so much time in London. “I love London,” she said. “It’s my favorite city. The people are so laid-back and real.”

On Wednesday night, the silk jersey set was out in force at Taman Gang for Issa’s post-show party. Guests, including Peaches and Pixie Geldof, Amy Sacco, Dan Macmillan and Jasmine Guinness, downed fruity drinks, sushi and piping hot egg rolls at the basement venue near Marble Arch. Brazilian designer Daniela Helayel, who’s making a name for her flattering silk jersey dresses, also stocked the room with a load of snazzily dressed young men. “Oooooh! I hope more of them are on the way,” said Helayel. Peaches, meanwhile, declared the Issa fest was a rare night out. “I’m actually not going out much this week because I’m studying for exams! But so many of my friends wear Issa — so it’s close to home.”

Meanwhile, over in Kensington, Lulu Guinness was celebrating the launch of her new accessories collection, Couture, at the Baglioni Hotel. Guests included Lizzy and James Jagger, Dita Von Teese, Guinness, Jade Parfitt and Helena Bonham Carter. “Helena very kindly supports me,” said the designer, pointing to Bonham Carter’s five-year-old Lulu Guinness handbag. “Oh like it’s such a chore! It’s pure charity!” said the actress with a roll of her eyes.

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