A still from "Wet Hot American Summer," one of the films the directors named as a quintessential summer movie.

WWD asked five female directors what movie, whether from their childhood or present-day, was emblematic of summer to them. Here’s what they said.

“‘Midsommar’ is the quintessential summer film. It’s the film of the moment — but I think it will probably stay a classic. It captures fully the tyranny of summer: too much sun, enforced group activities, exaggerated good cheer, the pressure to have fun because fall (and darkness) is coming. It’s a good movie to sink into during the summer because if you’re more of a fall person (as I am), you’ll emerge feeling grateful your summer isn’t going as badly as the one in the film.” — Sandi Tan, “Shirkers”

“The movie that screams summer to me is ‘Wet Hot American Summer.’ And not just because ‘summer’ is in the title. Watching that movie brings me back to hot days on the lake, young romance and my friends thinking we were so smart when the reality was we were so dumb. It also features the funniest way to flip someone off I’ve ever seen.” — Kay Cannon, “Blockers,” “Pitch Perfect”

“The summer when everything changes and you will never be the same again is a theme that continues to resonate over and over for me. So after much internal debate, I narrowed it down to three summer films that mirror the lightness of summer and the stages of growing up. The first is the original ‘Parent Trap,’ and actually, even the remake. As a child of divorce, seeing that film as a kid made me feel that I would be OK; not to mention how much I wanted to go to that particular summer camp and that I have been looking for my identical twin ever since. ‘American Graffiti’ is the classic teen coming-of-age film. And lastly, ‘500 Days of Summer’ — an inventive reinvention of the rom-com, and a wonderful interplay of love, life, acceptance and possibility.” — Lesli Linka Glatter, “Homeland,” “Now and Then”

“The movie that most reminds me of summer is ‘Thelma and Louise.’ I saw it with my best friend in high school. She had just gotten her license and a used Honda Prelude. And as we drove home on that sticky warm night, the brash, tough, make-no-apologies attitudes of Louise and Thelma filled our little teenage brains and I knew I was going to get out of my small town and do something. I wasn’t sure what. But I knew there was a world out there and I was going to find it.” — Andrea Berloff, “Straight Outta Compton,” “The Kitchen”

“‘Dazed and Confused.'” — Anna Boden, “Captain Marvel,” “Half Nelson”

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