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Even though the Diamond Information Center dinner on Saturday was hosted by Julianne Moore and honored the former president of Botswana, Sharon Stone stole the spotlight when she waxed on about the business of celebrity. “It’s a working week for us all,” she said. “These events are lovely, but you really are here to do a job ­ I work for both Dior and Damiani ­ so you put on a smile, stay calm, and try not to get crazy about it.”

As a parting gift, the women in attendance were given a tiny diamond strung on a string bracelet with their lemon tart dessert.

But Tom Ford wasn’t going home empty handed. He took DIC director Sally Morrison’s (not that either of them need it).

One indication things weren’t quite the same as years past? Towards the end of the evening, his excellency Festus G. Mogae, the former president of Botswana, gave an impassioned speech imploring the guests to return to stores. “Think of it as charity to buy diamonds,” he said. “Your support is what keeps our country going.”

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